Eyelid Lift: Improving Your Vision and Appearance

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If you are thinking about having surgery to correct your droopy eyelids, you should do it with your eyes wide open.

No one likes to look in a mirror and see puffy eyelids defining one’s face, altering one’s appearance and sometimes even affecting one’s vision. That is why surgery to correct this problem is so common. If you have decided to have an eyelid lift there is some information you should have.

after lid surgery

You should know that not all droopy eyelids are the same.

Sometimes it is just the skin which overhangs one’s eyes. Surgery consists of removing the excess skin as well as some of the fat behind it. This surgery is called a blepharoplasty.

Sometimes it is the whole lid which will not elevate sufficiently. Surgery in such cases typically involves strengthening the action of the muscles which raise the eyelid. This surgery is called a ptosis repair.

And you should know that insurance will cover the cost of some, but not all, of these procedures. It all depends upon whether one is having the procedure to improve one’s vision or to improve one’s appearance. (Medically indicated procedures may need to be done in a hospital for insurance reasons.)

And that means you should know about pricing.

Having the eyelid lift procedure done in a doctor’s office can cost thousands of dollars less than having it done in a hospital or surgery center. It also offers the advantages of convenience and a less crowded environment.

Those are some of the advantages of having the procedure done at Bond Eye Associates office, surgery suite at 6800 Knoxville in Peoria. It is a warm, friendly environment which has been performing surgery on Peorians for nineteen years. If you wish, you can even talk with a member of Bond Eye Associates staff who had cosmetic blepharoplasty performed on herself.

So, if you have decided that lid surgery is right for you, you should know that Bond Eye Associates has the right place and the right surgeon to offer you the results you want at a price you can afford. We are accepting new patients in both of their Peoria, and Pekin, IL locations. Please call or click here to schedule an appointment

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